Project Wake Up World 

Project Wake Up World will be starting soon. 

What is Project Wake Up World

We live in a time where the climate changes rappidly and has a negative impact on our planet. We want to do something about it and that is why we want to teach you about climate change and global warming. This is the first project of ISF Someren crew to spread awareness and to educate our fellow humans on the topics that really matter for our environment and it's creatures. We need to change the way we live and the way we treat the earth we live in. We only have one planet. We need to Wake Up now. We have to stop depleting natural rescourses and lower emmision gases, to stop animal abuse and end poverty. We need to do something and we need to do it NOW. Project Wake Up World is our way of being part of a sollution instead of the problem. We want to give our fellow humans more insite on these mayor problems by educating you on some of these topics. The first topic we will adress is Climate Change.



ISF Someren will take you on a journey to explore and learn more about Climate Change and global warming. What is climate change and hown does it impacts the world we live in. What is there to know and what can we learn from it. We will look into all aspects of climate change and we will have a look at what we can do to stop the negative side effects. Are you ready go on this journey with us?

Each month we will take it a step futher and new information will be posted on the site. Please keep in mind that we are not professionals but also students like you in this project on Climate change. This website is being done in english so that most of you can read it, english is a foreign language to us and normally we speak dutch. That being said, are you ready?  Let's get started. 


We will be posting regularly on twitter and facebook to keep you updated. We will use #ISFWUW so it will be easy to find our messages. 

Please follow us on twitter @ISFSomeren or @Jansseninger and on facebook on the ISF Someren page of the ISF Someren account.

We love to hear from you so please feel free to email or dm us at any time. 

Love Inger Janssen of ISF Someren