IS Foundation

The Ian somerhalder foundation is a non- profit organisation that aims to empower, eduacte and colaborate with people and projects to positively impact the planet and its creatures.

The IS foundations is a team of people who view the environment as an interconnected organism, of wich humans are a part of not separate. To us there is no differentiation between trees, rivers, animals and humans. We are all one, interdependent organism.

The problem and challenges we are facing are infinitely interconnected, and therefore our solutions and actions must be enacted in an interconnected manner. Nature never behaves independently, it moves in constant unison. 

Our aim is to ensure all action we create behaves a nature behaves. Communities of businesses, organisations, people and projects mut begin to connect resources and skills tompassions and projects. The IS foundation will behave in full collaborative spirit by working with other non- profit, for- profit and government bodies globally.



For more information on the IS foundation please check out the website at